Thursday, January 14, 2010


The sale ended today well officially yesterday...
You buy 3 soaps/holiday products for the price of 1...
Too bad they barely had any soaps left.
And I went crazy with the snow fairy. I got 3 more of the little Snow fairy bottles (1 for Mike), Fairy Tail Scrub (which makes your skin AMAZING but this one's for Mike because I still had one left), and 2 of the Solid Perfume of the Snow fairy. It's very similar to the Godmother and the Rockstar smell. I LOVEEEEE this smell so much!! lol clearly xD
Oh and I went to the one at Eaton's because the one at sq1 is basically empty. This hot guy that works there fully told me he remembers seeing me before (like last week). You know you're a lushie when the employee remembers you. :)


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