Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lands End

For those of you what that is, it's this brand that's sort of like American Eagle but for older people. It's more popular in the States apparently compared to Canada but since my sales lead is for both my department (kids) and Lands End, she lets me work there once in a while (more often nowadays actually.. -.-). Anyway, I was kind of been eyeing this coat for a while. I've need a new one for a while because my Old Navy one is not warm at all. (N) This is the one I ended up getting:

It`s supposed to be good for -5 to 15 degree Fahrenheit weather. And if you read the extra information, it has this thing where it`s so waterproof that "water beads up and rolls off". LOL I can just picture it in my head literally and I find it funny. It was $74.99USD on the site (with duty charges came up to 99.98USD which is not bad since the currency is 1 to 1.02.) If you buy it in the store, it's 139+tax lawl. Besides, there were no browns left. Anywho, after buying it, I wanted gloves too! And if there's anything I will ever recommend from this brand, it would be this pair of gloves:

Mine is actually pinker I think. The colour I got was called Berry. Anyway, they look thin but they are SUPER warm. I bought a pair of gloves from Bentley because it was pink and looked warm. HELL no it wasn`t warm. And Jasmine hid the other pair so it`s useless now. GR. Oh well. I like how it`s not so big or heavy but it`s still very warm.

If I persuaded you into buying something from Lands End, don't bother ordering online at your house. Go to a Sears store because it would be free shipping to your house :) Better yet, come to me if I'm working there. :) For those of you who actually know me, I'm usually apathetic for Sears products even though I work there. But trust me on the gloves. :)


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