Sunday, January 3, 2010

RIP Sonja

One of the nicest, most cheerful people you will ever meet. She was in a coma because of a doctor who's a dumb fuck. He/she did not look at her health history and did not know that she has a blood disorder, gave the wrong dosage, revived her twice, and put her in a coma. Then apparently there is a law here in Canada where they do this test twice to see if the person in coma gives any sign of reaction or improvement. If none, they pull the plug no matter what because it's the fucking law. That is FUCKED up. You only get two chances within a matter of a day, two days? Do they not know of people waking up from years of coma? Holy shit... Obviously this is upsetting me because Sonja and her family had to go through this. May your soul in rest peace love.


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