Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Umi Sushi

Chantelle invited me to come to this reunion sort of thing with her friends, some I knew, and some I met. :) (I dont know Vivien and Jaesel... HAHAHA). We went to this restaurant called Umi Sushi. Vivien and I actually left at 10 because I needed to go to the bank to cash in a check and open up a student visa, and she was nice enough to come with me. :) Now she knows how bad of a saver I really am... that's our secret vivien! =.=

Umi Sushi is an all you can eat sushi restaurant (duh). The thing I noticed about them is that the first batch you order comes fast, but your second order comes soooooo much after. But anyway, I hate being late in school, and the whole "filipino time" stereotype does not apply to me even if I am filipino. We got there and I think we waited for about half an hour for the majority of people to come. They are a very nice group of friends ^^. Yummy in the tummy food haha. I could not stay as long as the rest because I had work at 2:30. I didnt get to the ice cream :(. Next time I guess...

Work was... NOT fun. For some reason, the mall was really busy. It's a Monday wtf are you people doing in the mall?! Gahhh. And there were more returns than sales, so I had to keep getting rid of the pile up on the cash desk, and since the cashiers don't bother putting it neatly, it's messier! Grrr. I was probably too sick to be at work but I didnt want to call in sick because well I was by myself for a bit. And my manager called in sick because she had some operation done to her back. I told her to not come anyway, I felt bad and I understand. I handled it anyway... It just sucks more because I am still sick. I was pretty much blowing my nose every 10 seconds, and now my nose really hurts. I ran out of Kleenex (yes I put some in my purse before I left my house), so I had to use rough bathroom tissue EWWW!

So more work tomorrow.... oh dear.

PS. Thanks to Chantelle for the awesome scarf she made herself! :D


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