Wednesday, December 24, 2008

put the blame on me...

I'd rather have the blame put on me because that way I actually have a chance to fix it. I can't change anyone, that's for sure. It didn't work because I am not good enough... I'm not going emo really but I would rather hear this because at least it already hurts, so nothing anyone can say can hurt me further. All the "I told you so's"... I dont know it makes sense in my head... I would rather be the one in pain because I can take it, I can cry it all out, and then move on with the scars and bruises hidden underneath my skin. I can fake a smile... This is why it's gotta be me.. so I don't ever see you in the pain I've been through, because that for me is the most horrible pain... So put it on me, and don't worry about me. I heal better by myself.


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