Wednesday, December 24, 2008

morning of christmas eve...

The time flew by so quickly once you stop staring at the clock every 5 seconds. I swear I was like that for my birthday and like I totally forgot about Christmas being a week after, and boom Christmas is tomorrow! So this year, my whole family (well the ones that are here) are coming over to my house to celebrate Christmas. I guess it is the biggest out of all of them, even if I think it's small. Whatever, size doesn't matter. As long as we're happy and comfortable, it's all good.

I actually started my christmas shopping YESTERDAY. Yeah I know, uber late but what was i to do? I had my debut planning to do before this so I was busy and broke.Haha. I went to square one at around 220 and got home by about 630. That's actually not bad... 4 hours of shopping for family (and myself haha). I hope they like it. I feel bad still though cuz I haven't bought gifts for my parents, brothers, and jasmine yet. I told them I will later cuz I'm kinda broke hehe. Good thing me and my friends are doing Kris Kringle.. saves us all money. But then again, I bought a present for the twins and Cidcris. It's a thank you gift I guess for all the trouble they had to go to my whole birthday week. And Jeric, dont worry I'll get you your tshirt soontimes! Ahh the party's next friday I can't wait. Not just because of the booze, but last chance to chill with everyone before they have to go back to their university life... It's kinda depressing...

Oh and when does being drunk and not knowing what's going on make me a creeper? hmm... I don't need this bullshit so I'm moving on. It was just not meant to be. I deserve better... you deserve better... I'm sorry for "creeping" you out, but that was not what I was doing at all. I've cried out my last tears for you, I'm done.


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