Wednesday, December 31, 2008

greatest way to end the year

I had work from 930-430 and my manager was supposed to work with me that whole time as well, but her daughter got into an accident. She hit a pole underground, it's probably because of the snow. My manager is for both my department and Lands' End... and with just my luck, the only person in for Lands' End called in sick. I was asked to go to Lands' End for a bit until my manager comes in.. which was about 3:00. OMG I was absolutely lost in that department, and I felt bad when customers asked me for things and I had no clue. xD And on top of that, our system went down for returns the time I had returns/exchanges. The time passed by pretty fast but it was just too much.

And heeeeeeey I got ignored again on the bus... surprise surprise. "Kung ayaw mo di wag." =]

Yaaay for being alone the first day of the year...

Expect a long blog after this one tomorrow because I have nothing else better to do. It's going to be about the year 2008 sooooo yeah. Happy New Years you guys! =D


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