Friday, December 26, 2008


My plan was to wake up uber early (630am) to get to sq1 by 8.. but as always, i turned off my alarm when it rang and ended up waking up at 9 haha. So I got there by 10 and a lot of people were already there... :|

So first stop: La Senza (of course ;]). Their sale was actually good. 10 underwears for $20... or 5 for $15... I only took 5 but thinking about it now, I should have taken 10 ughh. I got 2 bras for $12.50 each and 1 for $16.50.

Bluenotes was right beside it so I decided to go in. I actually did some advanced online shopping to see what they have. Nothing really interesting there but I ended up getting 2 sweaters and 1 pair of jeans because it was buy 2 get 1 free. I actually got a light green and white stripes one instead of that grey and white stripes one... I kinda miss wearing green so I bought it. (Aww cabot <3). And ohh yeah I ran into Bella, her dad and Edmark shopping... Now she knows how annoying I am to shop with! xD Oh and since my phone is duzno at the moment, I had no way to contact Alyssa until I borrowed Bella's phone. Yeah we were supposed to meet earlier than that but yeah...

OMG I saw these in blue and I was sooo gonna buy the but i didn't. :(
Me and Alyssa kinda just roamed around. We went into UB, Costa Blanca, Stitches and their sales SUCKED because it's pretty much the same as any day you go there. Garage had 50 on top of their red-ticketed prices but I'm not really that into Garage anymore. Guess had a good sale on their clearance merchandise (50 off on top of the red sticker) but I wasn't feeling the clothes. I was looking for a wallet but I was having second thoughts on purchasing one because do I really NEED one? I think all my wallet needs is a bit of organization. xD Yeah I didn't end up getting a wallet today.

OMG. I bought my first lotto ticket today... and no I didn't win. But that's okay... Better luck next time I guess.

I actually really HATE boxing day. Shopping around with a centimetre space from everyone is uncomfortable and I hate it. Also, the long ass line ups getting in and paying... Most of all, working during boxing day. People think that just because it`s boxing day, they can just shop like animals and leave the biggest mess they possibly can. Grrrr!

Oh and for my break, I ended up going back to La Senza to buy those 2 bras I mentioned up there and Sirens. Even though I paid regular price at Sirens, I don`t really care because what I bought are soooo cute! ^.^


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