Thursday, September 17, 2009

And so it begins...

a new addiction
to OPI
I bought Do you Lilac it, Parlez-vous OPI, Got a Date to knight, and dutch tulips.

Here are the swatches
Got a Date to Knight

Dutch Tulips

Do you Lilac it?

Parlez-vous OPI?

Ok so I got two purples why? I don't even know looool.

GAHHH I want more. I wanted You don't know Jacques but it was sold out. I got these at Trade Secrets btw for $36 with tax. They were having a promo if you buy 3 or more, you save 20%...


Anna said...

LOL you would.
OPI = love love love

sissa said...

LOVE OPI AND CHINA GLAZE. You my friend have got to come to my house and have a nail party with me. I have over 70 polishes consisting of that stuff. It's SO evil. D:

ps - I think I got some special sites to show you then. ;)

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