Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another elf haul loool

I'm sorryyyyyyyy Jaimee!!!
So I ordered more from and just got my stuff in the mail today. This is by no means bragging of what I bought but for those of you out there who want to know about elf products or those of you who buy overpriced products from other brands such as Mac (ahem Rheena :P) can find out that you can get high quality products for so much cheaper. (umm I dont even know if that sentence made sense hahaha). And since I'm a loser with no life (Mike's at GI practice... -.-) I took pictures of swatches of some of them.
These are the the lip products swatches on my arm:

(L-R: Plumping Lip Glaze Ruby Kiss, Plumping Lip Glaze Baby Doll, Plumping Lip Glaze Mocha Ice, Luscious Liquid Lipstick Brownie Points, Hypershine Gloss Fairy, Hypershine Gloss Vixen, Super Glossy Lip Shine Angel)

Hypershine Gloss Fairy ($1)

Hypershine Gloss Vixen ($1)

Moisture Care Lip Color Brownie Points ($1)

Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 Angel ($1)

Plumping Lip Glaze Mocha Ice ($1)

Plumping Lip Glaze Ruby Kiss ($1)

Plumping Lip Glaze Baby Doll ($1)

So my overall opinion on these new lippies are that they are all good for glosses especially the more neutral colours. I like the red ones because they actually show up on my lips while the rest just give my lips shine. The plumping lip glaze formula smells horrible (supposed to smell minty) and doesn't plump (or at least I don't notice it...). When I put it on, it's like putting a mint chapstick on it or something. The luscious liquid lipstick has the same bad smell as the plumping one. I LOVE the smell of the Hypershine glosses though. It really does smell like cotton candy!!! :D As for the Super glossy lip shine, I have 3 in other colours and the smell is okay. It's described as grape vanilla, which it does. Also, they are a bit sticky... but I guess you get your dollar's worth lol.

Eye Shadow Brush ($1)
I obviously had to get another one of this because I love it! It's great for packing on eyeshadow and you obviously can't beat the price! But my new one is longer than the my other one and the bristles are a bit pointier in the middle (i don't mean sharp but the shape of it if that makes sense... )

Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance ($1)
This is an AWESOME highlighter. No chunks of glitter and gives great results yayyy

Concealer pencil and brush in fair ($3)
The formula on this really does cover. But it comes with this stupid sharpener cover on it and stupid me tried it and it made it so dirty. Do not use that sharpener if you want to keep it clean..

Studio Complexion Brush ($3)
The studio brushes are AMAZINGLY soft. The $1 total face brush is a lot bigger than this though but I use this to highlight above my cheekbones.

Studio Powder Brush ($3)
I've heard from Connie that this is good for stippling on foundation. I tried today and she is right! I can stipple all day because this feels so nice on my face!! LOL

Studio Contour Brush ($3)
I was expecting this to be a bit smaller than the $1 one but the $1 is a bit softer which makes it a bit harder to pack on colour.

Studio Blush Brush ($3)
I was expecting this to be a bit bigger for some reason... Like my cheeks aren't big and this seems to be a bit small for my cheeks. I hated the $1 one because it feels prickly and barely picks up any product.

Mineral Booster Large-Sheer ($8)
I had to get another one of this because I'm halfway done mine. This is a great finishing powder and the first mineral powder that does not break me out... I'm still scared to try mineral makeup though ever since my experience with Everyday minerals..

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer in Sheer ($3)
Holy begeez they didn't have this in my package and I was super annoyed. At least they have good customer service where I got someone to fix it right away.

PS. They sent me this clarifying pressed powder in tone 1 which I didn't order.. I guess they mistakenly put this one in instead of the primer.. haha oh well sucks for them. :) This pressed powder is supposed to blot oil and I guess it works?
PPS. Keep in mind that I just got these today looool. And yes I washed the brushes before using them. Do NOT ever use brushes without washing them first, no matter where you bought them from (elf, sephora, mac etc).


chantee-chan said...

... i wish i had a credit card! D:
yeah, i heard that they tend to make mistakes with orders sometimes lol. before this girl made an order, but they sent two packages of the same order. so she pretty much got double everything! lucky her XD

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