Tuesday, September 29, 2009

organizing and lighting.. finally

K so this happened yesterday... Mike and I planned to leave early so we can get breakfast and catch the 12:10 bus going to Sheridan. I guess our timing was kinda off by like 10 minutes and we ended up missing it because we had to go to Timmies at sq1.. Anyway we decided to go to walmart at south common to waste the time and I saw a lamp that for 16 bucks which is a reasonable price including the bulb. Then we decided to fuck my lecture and I didn't end up going since there's nothing on the lecture that I can't get from the online notes... I did go to my tutorial at 5-6 though okayyy. And Mike finally got to try the stir fry at sheridan xD After all that, we loafted at square one like always and went to walmart again to check if they had this wardrobe in stock (freaking only like 40$!! ) and they didn't have it... Also my mom wanted rugs and walmart didnt have it either wtf... We decided to stop by at the food court. Guess what we got? Fries and a shit load of it ughhh. I bought the works at NY fries and he got some curly fries at arbys and went back to get some straight fries too... too much fries... uhh... Then off to Zellers we went... They had this plastic drawers for only 20$ so I decided to get it. It was a good place to organize my nail polish, makeup, etc yayyy :) Here are pictures:


princess_chink said...

ohhhh yeahhh...like you say....we are definitely trading colors off each other....so have soooooo much!

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