Saturday, September 5, 2009

23 crystals :)

I actually received my order yesterday but I was too lazy to camwhore them out buuut yeah. My mom being the nosy mom she is, opened it while I was at work so I came home with the package opened. Like frigg I barely get any mail and the ones I do get I don't get to open. :( (Is it me or don't you feel special when you have mail other than your bills? lol) This was the Bella's Sorrow one but I changed the colours because I love my pink :) And the pegasus crystal is in silver shade and it's a shiny clear crystal with a hint of black. It actually changes colour depending on the lighting and stuff... It was purple today because I was wearing pink? Lol... i dunno but I love it! Lovelovelove! They're the sweetest girls too. My order came with a Mashimaro stationery note from them and Mickey Mouse earrings in PINK! Thank you thank you! :D Check them out Pictures are right below. (I can't get rid of that shadow and I've tried zillions of angles too... blahhh.)


23 Crystals said...

<3 <3 we're glad you love your custom :]

anddd ditto about the opening mail thing. my mom does the SAME THING!! i think it's a filipino thing lol

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