Friday, September 4, 2009


We've had sooo many plans of hanging out and going places and none of those actually pulled through... This one was kind of planned a couple of days ago and we actually went (although some people didn't because of schedule conflicts, some just never got back to us thaaaaaanks!). I didn't really do much this summer and it is a longer summer because I finished end of April so my summer was from May to start of September. That's 4 months! And I have done pretty much nothing. One birthday dinner, babysit, and work work work and guess what? I have no money left hahahaha. I'm so awesome that way. That's so sad... wtf did I buy?!? (Besides Mike's awesome EARLY birthday present.) [LOL Rheena as you can tell, I have no patience with gifts. If you have one for me ready, give it to me already don't make me wait OR if I have a gift for you, I have to give it right away hehe.] But really, I eat too much fast food. And I just added another product to my HG list. It's the lush porridge soap which is $6 per 100g. I got one worth about $9 and that lasted me a bit more than 3 weeks compared to $1 for a pack of 4 Ivory soap bars (on sale @ No Frills last time I was there.) Anyway this is sooo off topic now wtf.
We actually left pretty early in the morning at about 830 to go to UTM to pick up our upass and my osap. So I went to osap first and they tell me I need to add a half credit for next sem because I don't have enough to be considered a full time student. Like honestly, I wouldn't have this problem if stupid UTM had an option of taking it either winter or spring semester but OBVIOUSLY they don't. So I was like FML, all other courses are full... except CCT209 which I added before but dropped because I thought I didn't need it and sounds boring anyway. So I guess I'm stuck taking it now greaaaat. At least I fixed that problem... then upass was no problem getting (this time around.. LOL @ last year). Then we finally headed to the subway to go to Korean Grill. We get there and I guess they renovated it because it looks completely different from the last time I was there and I've been to that KG more than 10 times lol but not in the past year ever since my dad works night shifts. We took our sweet time of course because it is an all you can eat. We're asian and we want to get the fullest satisfaction we can get loool. I surprisingly didn't eat that much, but then again messed up eating habits remember? (I just finished eating milk and cookies 10 minutes ago...). We finally finished and I was anticipating on going to XXI and with my luck, of course they'd be crazy busy. And I HATE shopping when it's that busy. You can get everything in that store online anyway, no headaches or lineups too. I find Toronto a bit too crazy for me. Their lifestyle is too rushed, it seems like they don't live life to the fullest anymore. It's all "I gotta do this fast so I can do that..." I'm a girl who likes to take her time but hates waiting at the same time. Of course I make sense ;) I actually ended up not buying anything :O Shocking I know! Everyone decided to go home anyway and my dad was expecting me back at 4ish and I got home at 530... whopeedooever.
PS. I'm trying to get the pictures on FB but it's not letting me upload them all at the moment...


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