Monday, September 14, 2009

selling books...

So if you or anyone you know needs any of the following, let me know :

  1. Feminisms and Womanisms: A Woman's Studies Reader by Susan Silva-Wayne, Althea Prince. Selling for $40 with the pink reader. Cover is slightly folded and 3 pages on the book have some (like not even 6-9 sentences per page highlights and underlines on it) Same with the reader, but the back of the reader came off, but can be re-stapled. [This was used for WGS200 Women's and Genders Studies at UTM)
  2. Mirror for Humanity by Conrad Phillip Kottak (first two chapters have some pages highlighted.) Selling for $20.
I wouldn't charge shipping if you meet up with me on one of these locations on these days:
Monday (3-5), Tuesday (3-5), Thursday (3-4) @ Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus (in Oakville)
Wednesday (3-5), Friday (2-4) @ UofT Mississauga Campus, Kaneff Building/South Building
Saturday, Sunday (times are not fixed. changes every week) @ Square One. preferrably near Sears.

If you can't make it to these locations, you gotta pay shipping, and shipping differs from the weight and dimensions. Msg me for shipping cost if you want it to get sent to you (usually within a week or two depending where you want it sent). For serious buyers only.


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