Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st day back to school

summary time:

  • took the 1035 bus to sq1 then 1103 bus to utm which is a bit early because my sheridan shuttle bus doesnt come until 12:22... but i wanted to know where the other bus stop was because the one where all the sauga buses drop off are always crowded... so i found it as soon as i got there and had about more than half an hour to kill...
  • utm to sheridan takes about half an hour... ew
  • sheridan oakville campus is a huge campus! The architecture is crazy weird though. Imagine building randomly placed everywhere haha.
  • My prof ('Littlejohn' - "lil jon" hahaha) spent a good hour talking about google... lol...
  • I find it kind of interesting actually...
  • Funny story about Harvey's... too long though...
  • I just don't like how she made us have a tutorial on the first week... >.<
  • Obviously I didn't go
  • But karma's a bitch... the first bus going back to utm is at 530... waited for that one... First bus got full... then the second... waited for the next one for more than half an hour... I could've totally gone to my tutorial.. lol... bitch.
  • I honestly thought I'd be a loner in all my classes but I guess not :D Jaimee has some friends hehehe.

ps. I was gonna retake art history but I think I might drop it because I have a conflict with my cct210... :( Should I? I can take it summer school?


Anna said...

210 is definitely WAY more interesting ..who cares about art history lol. but um i think you CAN take it in the summer. btw i heard it's not the same prof this year!

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