Saturday, September 26, 2009

you're a stupid bitch

It's as simple as that.

You honestly need to get over yourself and STOP being fucking materialistic. Friends are NOT measured by what they give you for your birthday. You need to understand that not everyone has parents that would give you everything you want when you fucking whine about it. The world today is in such an economic crisis that the simplest thing as a fucking lack of birthday present to you is the least of the world's fucking problems.

Just because we have a great relationship with someone, doesn't mean you have to judge it because yours can't even be called a relationship. What we do is our choice, our decision. When you come up to our face and say that it's too early to say that or to do that, you have no fucking right when you yourself are being a hypocrite to yourself, and lying to us about it.

You are losing your damn friends because you have finally shown your true colours. Your "sarcasm" is not sarcasm when you actually mean it. It's NOT funny. People have already sensed a bad vibe from you from the start but obviously, WE don't judge so quickly like you do. We actually want to give everyone a chance before making an assumption. No one likes you because of so many reasons and you are so oblivious to it. You probably think I'm a bitch now but bitch I only tell the fucking, cold truth. Deal with it.

You can't mess with my friends and not get a piece of my mind. You haven't directed anything to me YET but you have with my friends and I think that you should GROW UP. I care for my friends, and they are being hurt from you and I can not just stand by and do nothing. If there's anyone to blame about what's been going on to you, blame your damn self. Do not point your fingers at others. We tried being friends with you but really now just FUCK OFF!


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