Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I haven't had one since January 2009... Hence the lenght of my hair in here:

The only salon I get my hair done is at Donato's which is about 35$ for a haircut. I don't feel like spending that much for it. Anyway, I tried cutting it myself for the first time today. My first attempt:

It was still kind of too long and I was not content with it. Snip snap some more.

Et voila! Notice how my chest turned red. Hair fallouts caused that. Oh well.

I am kinda annoyed right now. I've been waiting for my ELF order to arrive. And I think it did and the stupid mailman only rung the bell once and I didn't even hear it. WTF my room is right above the door. Oh well I gotta pick it up tomorrow I guess before work.


ipehishere said...

omggg u cut ur hair by urself ?? O.o
but nice result !! lol :D

Jaimee said...

lol thanks :)
if u look closely in the picture though, you can see it's not even. ive been evening it out til yesterday lol

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