Thursday, May 13, 2010

I finally fixed it!

My favourite eyeshadow of all time is Urban Decay in Last Call, which is a sparkly pinkish-purple that looks more pink when applied on my eyes. Yes it was the e/s I used for my debut and I love it. Unfortunately, it cracked and the times I would use it, it gets uber messy and I was scared to fix it because I might mess up and completely lose it. UD sells their e/s for about under 20$ without tax and I'm not going to spend that much for one piece of makeup right now. Anyway, I've been reading and youtubing and found out that you only need alcohol to fix it. I did it, apart from the fact that there's really not much left. I just cleaned out my makeup tower too and the "eyes" drawer was so dirty because of the loose e/s from my UD Last Call. :( I would definitely repurchase one day though and I do recommend it. :)


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