Monday, May 17, 2010

An OK Day...

I could not sleep for the life of me last night. I was on my laptop til about 5 and I'm pretty sure I was staring at my ceiling for half an hour. Anyway, I was supposed to work today in Lands End 1230-430. But guess what? The floater for the cash desks called in sick so I was asked to relieve people for their breaks. Theeen I was asked to work at the Shoes CSD from 4 til 730! I took it just because I'm already there and I have nothing else better to do so I might as well get paid. I actually liked working in that department. SO much simpler than Kidswear.

And lol at my conversation with this customer and about her shoe closet. I wish I had one or that I had enough shoes to fill up a closet. She even told me how her daughter is like her with shoes and she just had her wedding and went to NYC to buy Manolos for the big day. And guess how much? $1000 for her perfect pair.

I kinda wish my shoe collection wasn't so crappy.
NTS: Buy more shoes.
NTS: Save money.
Anyone have any suggestions how I can do both? lol..

PS: I'm having Venti Caramel Macchiato for dinner (EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA caramel :D) Btw thanks Rio for making me two instead. LOL. :) Is it weird that I haven't really been HUNGRY lately? Wow Jaimee, you've gotten so lazy that even eating is too much work for you. hehehe.

Also sorry that my posts lack pictures. My camera (well my brother's but he doesn't use it anymore because he has an SLR now so now it's mine!) has no batteries. I have two of the rechargeable NiMH ones but the camera needs four. I saw some on eBay for about $4 for a pack of 4. Should I trust it???


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