Thursday, July 2, 2009

canada day

This is my best one so far because it's the first time I got to ACTUALLY spend it. I would usually just stay at home to do nothing and july 1st is usually an ordinary day for my family so we don't do anything for it but stay home. I went with Mike to civic centre @ 12 because his crew's performing. I wanted to be one of the first to watch him and to support him. He had to dance every hour for 15 minutes from 1-8. And since he is so SMART, the only food he brought was a bag of cheetos. I had a mission with peeps for lunch and eventually ate by 4 and that's around the time I found out Mike hasn't eaten yet so I bought him Quiznos Sub "so not like subway." Anyway, I went back to civic centre to give him his food. Chelle, Belle, Mattie, and Kristine met up with me there. We stayed for the fireworks, which reminded me of the good ol' days in the Philippines during New Year's. I def missed fireworks. Cid, Rheena and her friend also came by. So I get in trouble from the rents because I left my house at 9 and got home at 12. xD It's not my fault there was this accident thing, which I'm not sure if it was an accident but anyway yeah it held traffic and we couldn't leave for a while. Blehhh I'm tired and lacking of sleep night night!


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