Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince *maybe spoiler read at own risk*

This is how it went down!
Mike came to my house earlier than expected because Damon dropped him off. Then we waited for the 61 and got off at Central Library since I had a book on hold there (the 13th tale.) We also got some DVD's for Jasmine (Barney, Elmo, and Baby Einsteins lol). Then we went to square one and passed by Bubble Tease and decided to get a Large Strawberry Iced Green tea with tapioca. We then headed to Arby's to stock up on food so we won't be hungry during the movie. LOL. What I ate that whole day was so unhealthy hahaha oh well. We got to the theatre at 5:30 and we showed the lady our ticket. She thought it was for tomorrow (which it officially is but still she was wrong I was right). Then some lady that looked like a manager said we were way too early. FUCK YOU. I want good seats obviously I'd come early. (more than 6 hours early haha). We were told to come back at around 9 because they won't be letting people in yet until then. Clearly they haven't worked for the other midnight openings for Harry Potter. DOUCHEBAGS. We decided to eat the Arby's food we had and after we finished that, we went to the arcade. I showed my MAD skills in DDR... NOT. HAHA I'm probably one of the only asian you'll get to know that's horrible at it. My feet just are not coordinated. Then some racing game, which I came 4th place and Mike 7th HA. I'm better at racing and fighting games anyway. Try growing up with 2 brothers your whole life lol. So 9:00 took forever to come along but they actually were forced to let people in at 8:50ish because the lobby was so full. And of course people who just fucking got there ran and went ahead people who were there for a longer time. Then they let in their friends. FUCK YOU LITTLE KIDS. They could barely read when Harry Potter came out okay?! Save it for the true fans. I even wore my Harry Potter shirt and Gryffindored my nails!! Kristine came a bit after too and we played with her DS and sang along with my iPod until about 11 (the time they'll let us in the theatre). Mike and I bought the the Transformers combo (large popcorn and large drink) after eating the Arby's. And anything large size is unlimited refills. I'm surprised we didn't shit popcorn haha jokes ewww. Also, if you really know me well or have went to the movies with me more than once, that I put M&Ms with peanuts in my popcorn. It is the fucking bomb okay? It may sound gross but trust me it's good. Ask Mike and Kristine! So on to the movie...

Right when I heard the music, I screamed. The first time they showed Dan's face, I screamed. And again, I screamed. LOL. I can tell you when I screamed but it would probably super repetitive, you get the point. I loved it obviously and it may be my 2nd favourite (after HPPS) because the actors have gotten better at acting, and as far as I hate to admit it, Emma wasn't as bad as before.. FINALLY. I actually haven't read the book in a while and it's a bit rusty but I still remember the overall plot duhhh. A lot of the scenes actually were EXACTLY how I imagined it. For example, when Dumbledore and Harry were about to enter the cave. From the entrance and to the scenery inside, it is EXACTLY how I imagined it. Prof. Slughorn is one of those characters that I didn't put enough effort to imagine and I guess the actor passes up as him. He's very funny actually. As much as I enjoyed this movie, I am quite disappointed at a lot of the stuff they left out. Some of the stuff that are NECESSARY to understand the movie. So the title itself is the Half blood prince right? The movie didn't even show one bit of the trio trying to figure out who the prince is. They just solved it by having the prince say, "I'm the half blood prince." Yeah no shit, explain? Like people who have read the book would know already, but how about those lazy people (sorry if youre one of them) who don't bother to read because it's going to come out into a movie? It's one of those things like, it just is accept it? HAHA. Also, DUMBLEDORE'S FUNERAL. How can you NOT put that in?! One of the most important characters die and they don't even show the funeral for it? I swear there's a whole chapter for it. How about the battle at Hogwarts? WTF is the point of having death eaters enter through the vanishing cabinet if they just walk away? Like oooh scary... but there was a fucking BATTLE in the book. Would they honestly just stroll along Hogwarts without a fight? There WAS a fight but DAVID YATES decided to not add it in because there's another battle scene in the 7th book. Yeah are you stupid? It's a fucking war in the wizard world, there would obviously be continuous battles! If you're gonna have the 7th book into 2 movies, why does it matter anyway?! Of course he does what any other Hollywood director does: focus on the sexual attraction and romance because it "sells." Harry Potter sold millions and millions of dollars in the past movies without that bullshit anyway why start now?! And don't even get me started with Bonnie Wright. Ginny's character is supposed to be lively. She's supposed to show how Ginny has liked Harry for the longest time and now that he feels the same way, there's absolutely no passion in their kiss. Aww come on! Any girl would kill for your fucking position. You could have at least done a better job!!! And since I'm already talking about Harry's love life, what happened to Cho? HAHA no explanations either eh? Anyway I think I'm done ranting... for now. :) Congratulations if you actually read through this and understand what I just wrote. (Y)


princess_chink said...

I hate Ginny as well !!! Never liked has as an actor from the very beginning since Chamber of Secrets...but i <3 Ron....i hope he was good in that movie hehe

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