Thursday, July 9, 2009

vivien and jaimee day!!!! :)

So after all the talk of us chilling, we finally did today!!!
I know she only came for the ice cream but heeeey :P
I was actually still in the shower when she came so she started eating her subway lol.
Then she got her COOKIES AND CREME ice cream and i made my cookies and creme milkshake yummm.
I showed her FLYFF :D
Then random youtube videos.
Rock Band then Sing Star. (my voice is strained right now haha)
Then we decided to watch more youtube and I showed her these DIY fashion stuff.
I found my sewing machine.
I figured out how to use my sewing machine.
I turned my Tshirt into Halter with Vivien's help loool. yay me!


princess_chink said...

hahaha yay us! hilarious time watching you figuring out the sewing machine and being amazed by it LMAO!

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