Wednesday, July 15, 2009

good times

I've been meaning to do this ever since Rheena's june 27th post.
I totally forgot I wrote that eh... and yes you can type my name in google and find me through her blog THANKS a lot! Here's my new and updated one:

Name: Jaimee M.
Nickname: Jaimee
Age: 18
Birthday: Dec 17 1990
Ambition: happy success
Sports: shopping? lol
Pet: none
Hobbies: too many random ones
Music: a LOT
Book: harry potter obv
Author: JK Rowling
Food: Bubble tea? :)
Colour: PINK
Flowers: rose
Best Friends: hmm i wonder
Happiest Moment: last night @ HP LOL
Embarrassing Moment: none :P
Describe Yourself: you describe me geez
Define “Love”: You can't. you've got to experience it to understand fully what it is.
Describe your “Loved One”: bboy, random, cute, understanding, patient
What attracted you the most: his eyes
Are you compatible?: obviously
How?: Because I said so
What reminds you of him/her?: absolutely everything
Unforgettable Moment: everyday


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