Wednesday, January 7, 2009

and the winner is...


For info on it go here.

Yaaay I love it. I finally finished transferring numbers from my old phone to this one... let me tell you it is a PAIN IN THE ASS. But it's done and yayyyyyyy me! =D Have i mentioned that I love it? It has like a GPS (like I drive.. but hey there will come a time it will be VERY handy.. such as going to Vivien's house which is across from me... ynever know... xD), Telus TV, radio, bluetooth, touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard... probably a lot more that I don't know of yet.

Oh and so this is the first thing I got with my Visa. And yes I just got it last night... Credit cards are dangerous... :| I got a pink silicone case too... eek!

Well yay for tomorrow. I got visual culture lecture from 12-1... then my next class is psych lecture 6-8pm... what to do from 1-6... I have no idea. Call random people with my new phone? or text? I think so :P


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