Sunday, January 18, 2009

'total wedding show'

So I was kind of talked into working at the Sears booth at this bridal show in the International Centre (which is freaking far if you asked me, and the drive took so much longer because of the freaking snow!!!). And like it was supposed to be me and this guy at work named Satchi, but he twisted his ankle working at the sign shop yesterday so i told him to get it checked out and just not come. So it was just me and this guy named Wayne from the hardware department. And yes the question of "What does the hardware department have to do with a bridal show?"... They freaking had lawnmowers and stuff from Craftsman there... wtf? Completely useless I tell you. So I was told to go there 11-7... but my name on the list was for 1-9 and hell no was I going to go home and come back for that. The friggg.. Then it started to snow a lot so the girl who was in charge of it all (who wasnt so nice really.. since when do you schedule breaks? uhhh NEVER) told us that due to the weather conditions, the show was not expecting so much customers so she sent some people home, and that includes Wayne and I. And were we glad to go at 6 because I was about to shoot myself. All I really did was piss the shit out of people walking by to ask them if they wanted to sign up for a wedding gift registry at Sears... The problem was that I don't know if they've already been asked so I feel bad for nagging them. I'm not like those sales associates that once you say no to me, I won't stop until I make you say yes. Go ahead, I don't care, less work for me! But there was this other girl working that was sooo rude because I actually had a customer but she fully butts in her fatass in the middle of conversation and took over. Like hello?! I just let it go because I don't give a flying fart! And like I was supposed to work tomorrow but the girl in charge told me that they had enough people working so they don't need me. Wayne was the weakest link because he didn't open a single registry (duh! who wants to sign up for a registry from an old man? no offense. he even said this himself!) I actually got about 10 to sign up... oh well. So no work for me tomorrow yaaay. In conclusion, I am NEVER going to do this stupid show ever again! hahahaha.

PS. I don't think I want to get married unless the guy is willing to pay for all the expenses of the wedding, and believe me, my wedding has to be perfect and not so inexpensive... haha. Good luck guys :P
PPS. I think I'm gonna clean my room... LOL

So after work, Eric called me up if I wanted to eat pho with him, tai, and bryan. I said okay because I was kinda hungry... Yeahhh... Yummy pho.


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