Sunday, January 18, 2009

title here

I can't think of a title okay.. leave me alone!

Anyway... so today I didn't have work because (look at post before this one). And so I actually woke up at 1030... THAT for me is rare and for others, unbelievable. /but heeey it happened okay?! Me and my family went to mass at 1:30... and guess who I see there? "Chief" hahaha. I can't believe she actually goes to church and she didn't like melt or anything... So obvious that she still hates me but I was just kind of laughing. After that, we went grocery shopping and for some reason I felt like getting ingredients for pita and cupcakes.

I get home and "cleaned" my room and decided to bake the cupcakes... only to find that the metal thing to bake cupcakes in is MIA. WHERE IS IT!? It's probably in someone else's house but I just can't remember whose... >.< Think Jaimee think! I'm gonna end up buying a new one yaaaay!

Oh also the rents are getting on my nerves because they kept nagging me about the laundry then they bring up how I've been going out to places (just yesterday at Pho) and not telling them. Wheeee! Of course I answered back because I did do the laundry I just didn't know there was one basket that wasnt folded yet geez.. you could've asked nicely. Arghhh but now I'm in bad terms, I don't know how they're gonna let me go to my friend's party on Saturday... I shall give them 100 bucks each! I still do owe them their Christmas present hahaha. Yaaaay.... (I didn't even get anything from them either, except my debut but geez man I'm not complaining).

Meh I'm done my rant... sorta. :P

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