Monday, January 5, 2009

My Year so far...

Since I haven't really been home, I haven't really wrote a post on much. On top of that, when I got home on Saturday and Sunday, the internet was connected but would not work...

I had work 2:30-9:30. It was kinda boring but at least I was getting paid for being bored! Then, the twins' new year basement party! Cid was djing and bartending, belle was supposed to bartend but I think she was to busy with... hehe :P. As always, I somehow drank more than everybody. I took a shot of skyy and it upset my stomach, I threw it up. Then, I fell asleep. I told everyone to make sure I don't fall asleep but nooooo! I hate falling asleep because I miss out on a lot of things. :( I eventually woke up though, and I woke up mad. Pshh. It was 7 in the morning and I was still up, I could not stop talking and I don't even remember what I was saying but it was funny. Cid was beside me on the bed and I thought he was sleeping but I could feel him laughing. Mattie suggested a walk outside and so me, mattie, tine, and andrew went for a walk, a very short walk. Like we walked from the house to the stop sign then walked back haha. I loved that night because it was a reunion before school screws us all over again. Some people left early because of work but we didn't get out until about 1. Thank God I did not have work that day, I switched with someone. I wouldn't have been able to go to work. I was way too hungover.

Cid kept saying he had to go to my house to do something and he wouldn't tell me what. But we had to stay at his house for a bit because he had to pray the rosary because the Mama Mary statues were leaving that day. I really don't mind. I haven't prayed in a while, and I feel bad. His family's really nice. Chester kept singing the same karaoke songs and his score was always 98 or 97. Sooo cute ^^. Cid started to DJ again and Chester was dancing. I had no energy so I was just sitting the whole time. Then it was time to go and Cid took some food ingredients and his knife, then I started to have a hint of what his Christmas present was. It became clearer to me when we went to T&T Supermarket. He's cooking me dinner as my Christmas present. Very very sweet of him. This time, he didn't have to shake me haha (inside joke.) I had no clue what he was cooking me. And the whole time I felt very useless because I am never useful in the kitchen. I'm more of a annoyance hehe. I sliced cantalope though! =D He made Bibimbap, it was very good. I like his cooking. He's probably the only guy I know that will cook for me. We played Super Smash Melee after. The score at the moment is 1-1. He says he KNOWS he's going to beat me, I will prove him wrong. *very determined face* =] He tried to stay as late as he could to keep me company because I was still home alone. But he had to go meet up with his other friends he hasn't seen in a while. When he left, I was out like a light on my bed. I can't believe I slept at 11pm. I usually sleep 2-5am.

I worked 10-6 so pretty much the whole day or at least the whole time Square one was open. A bit more actually because sq1 is open 12-6. Wheee... realy nothing happened this day except my family came back home. (Fuuun). of course the first thing my mom does is yell at me for doing nothing. Hello? I was not home at all. Friggg... buzz off. :(


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