Tuesday, January 20, 2009

JVJ day... part 2

LOL since i I have mondays off this semester, I pretty much have absolutely nothing to do. Thankfully, Vivien and Jaesel came over. So what did we do?.... Eat! hahaha. We baked chocolate cupcakes, and while we were waiting for it to cook, we karaoke-d as usual.

Yeyeah I know I need to clean my laptop... I will eventually... lmao

Icing the cupcake... omg how many dirty jokes can one come up about cupcakes? And with Jaesel around, she doesnt even have to try. I shouldnt have said "It's like sex in my mouth"... Yeah, I dont think I'm allowed to write it anywhere...

On to playing the wii... We played cooking mama first then gutiar hero. Wii guitar hero sucks because there's like a 0.0000005 second lag on it... ew. Don't mess with Jaesel while she's playing... she doesn't even blink!

Then we were hungry so I made them the pita thing I made for myself and Jesse for lunch. I couldn't find normal beef so I used the Angus burger you buy in a box and just cut it up into pieces... Then tomatoes and cucumbers seasoned with random things I found in my kitchen cupboard. Then onions, ranch, mustard, and french fries. It sounds UBER weird BUT trust me, it's good! Ask Jaesel or Vivien!! Jaimee CAN cook! Damn right!!! Oh and the second picture is Jaesel's creation... looks more like a pizza but it's cool! Yummm =]


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