Sunday, January 4, 2009

year 09

please be nice to me... Is it possible to hate and love something at the same time? Well I do; 2008 was a bitch at some point but overall, I met awesome people that has forever changed my life, and hopefully continue to do so. The cause for these meetups is most probably the debuts I attended/became a part of. From the twins' to Jaesel's cotillion to Chantelle's... and of course mine. And I can't think of what my New Year's resolution will be... yet. It's usually always the same "study harder" , "lose some weight", "be the best at everything"... All these are just ways to stress myself out even more. Maybe this year, I should focus on my happiness. Do something that will make myself happy? Why is it that to be happy, we always have to re-shape ourselves? When can we ever be fully happy about ourselves... *sigh*

Haha, I'm always single on New Year's... what is up with that? Hehe I still feel bad for breaking a guy's heart last year, but it was just not healthy for me. I just had to do it... And I'm the one empty-handed in the end as always... I wonder if year oh nine is gonna be different. Hopefully... But I just gotta let things happen. Not that I'm just gonna sit on my ass waiting, but I am not gonna force anything. I would not feel right or real. Ahh lameee why am I blogging about my loneliness? I sound pathetic hahaha....

Another one of Jaimee's list: (if you havent noticed, I list things to make me feel like I've achieved something... hehe)

  • Try harder at school.
  • Go to work NOT lazy.
  • Regain inspiration/passion.
  • Pack food for school instead of spending $10 a day on food in campus.
  • Stop shopping. (YEAH RIGHT)
  • Sleep earlier so I don't wake up so late.
  • Write more in this list... haha.


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