Sunday, January 11, 2009


Everyone's hours have been cut at Sears thanks to "recession." Friggg, like I already only work Fri, Sat, and Sun.. and they still cut some of my hours. So like, how do I pay back OSAP? HAHAHA. I am LE screwed. But yeah so to get more hours, I said yes to going to this bridal show in the International Centre to help out with the Sears booth for gift registries. Yaaay... I know I'm gonna wanna smack all the couples because I am currently bitter about seeing them haha. Lame right? Well whatever! :P So yeah for anyone who wants to come, go here: It's not free so like i doubt I'll see any of you but I'm just posting it up anyway...

Oh and I wasn't scheduled for work tomorrow but there was a schedule conflict with one of the girls and so I took her shift. Our manager tends to have us work during the days we asked off. It's not a big deal really because you just tell her when you see it and she'll fix it. So like, I actually have to sleep now... Goodnight <3


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