Wednesday, January 21, 2009

holy crap jaimee...

Mirachelle and I went to Square One to kill some time since I have a break from 1-6... She had to leave earlier though because she has a class at 3. OMG I really am a compulsive buyer... I went in to La Senza and bought 10 undies for $20 and my membership is apparently expired and it costs 15 bucks to renew it... friggg :( And I've been wanting to buy a straightener ever since I cut my hair (which was on Friday) and so I did buy one.. for $140. I'm sorry Prez I know you can buy a lot of stuff with that much money but it was PINK! hahaha. I am le horrible.

It came in this really cute box... and I got a free thingi you can put it in/on.

This is the one I have hehe.


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