Monday, January 12, 2009

"i think we lost him..."

HAHA so like Eric dropped by after I was done work at 5:30. And we kinda chilled for a bit at the food court waiting for Mike. Then we decided to go and as a joke me and Mike let Eric go on the escalator.. then we kind of ran to the side... We didnt think he'd actually keep walking but he did. So we thought we'd see him in the terminal... but we didnt! We went back to the mall to check if he was there... and he wasnt! AHAHAHA. We eventually gave up and just went home because our buses were there. I get home and Eric calls me and says thanks for ditching me jerk... Psh he went on the bus without saying bye... DITChER! D: :P

*should i say hi?... nah!* -> GUESS WHO hahaha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CIDCRIS! <3 lol i think my phone's time is advanced cuz it started vibrating 10 mins before midnight to notify me of cid's bday. But anyway, I am the first one to greet him "officially". NO "greeting you in advance" bahaha I am too cool for everyone! =D

Whee I can actually sleep in til 12 tomorrow because I have no school! Yay me!!!


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